Bells and Ringing.

The Bells & Ringing at All Saints’ Church, Lilbourne.

Since 1762, the tower houses five bells, all cast by Thomas II Eayre of Kettering. Before this date, it is recorded that four bells existed, of which at least one was cracked. A major Church restoration project c1909 also incorporated a bell re-hanging & frame strengthening  programme. During the latter part of the 20th. century, further restoration works to the stonework & fabric of the Church building occurred, in turn allowing for another, much-needed bell refurbishment project to be fulfilled, late 2012. After a lengthy but successful fund-raising appeal, the five bells officially sounded out once again at a special blessing Service in November 2012  and then again on December 8th. 2012 with a peal to commemorate the 250th. anniversary of their 1762 installation.

As of January 2014, we were able to re-establish regular bell ringing practices each month on the 1st. & 3rd. Thursday, 7.15pm. to 9.00pm. as well as re-introducing ringing prior to Evensong, United Benefice & selected Family Services. 

During the year, it was also possible to arrange & host several bell ringing events on behalf of  P.D.G.C.B.R. Guilsborough branch, to whom we are affiliated.

  • St. George’s Day, April 23rd. “Ringing for England” … we did !
  • Ringing for Christmastide … we did !
  • National Ringing on V E Day … we rang for the 70th. anniversary on May 9th, 2015.


2015, the new year started at 00:00:01 with our 5 bells swinging into action, ringing out up & down the upper Avon valley, parish and village for 22 minutes. This solstice sound has not been heard at Lilbourne for many many years.

Our goal for 2015 is to fully cover the Family Service event, currently only the treble bell is chimed before the Service, but in order to achieve this task, we still require more potential new ringers to come forward from the community.

2016, We are now ringing for 2nd. Sunday Service whenever we can do so.


The 5 Bells, all cast by Thomas II Eayre.

  • Treble. 1762. 5½ cwt.  Note : D
  • Sparkling I spread rapid tinklings through the ears.
  • 2nd.      1762. 6¼ cwt.  Note : C
  • Untouch’d am silent strike me and I will sing sweetly.
  • 3rd.       1762. 6½ cwt.  Note : B
  • John Robinson Vicar Jos, George & Geo. Soden Church-Wardens.
  • 4th.       1762     8 cwt.  Note : A
  • Wee are ordain’d for the praise of the Lord — Eayre Kettering Fecit.
  • Tenor.  1761.  10 cwt.  Note : G
  • Cum Sono Si Non Vis Venire Nunquam Ad Preces Cupies Ire. Eayre Kettering.
  • (If you be unwilling to come when I call To prayers you’ll not wish to go at all).


 The Earlier Bells at Lilbourne, pre 1761.

 Inscriptions, (with translations).

  • 1) Celorvm Chrste platiat tibi REX 1626.
  • (O Christ the King of Heaven…..?)
  • Cast by Hugh II Watts.
  • 2) Sancta Katarina Ora pro nobis.
  • (Holy Katharine pray for us)
  • Founder unknown. (pre 1530’s ?).
  • 3) Sit Nomen Domini Benedictum. 
  • (Blessed be the Name of the Lord)
  • Founder unknown. (pre 1530’s ?).
  • 4) Bryanus Eldridge me fecit 1658.
  • (Bryan Eldridge made me)
  • (cast by Bryan II Eldridge, [Coventry, 1656 to 1658], Chertsey, working 1636 to 1661).


Interestingly, notes from Thomas North’s book published in 1878 informs the reader that, at Lilbourne :-

(As can be seen in the painting displayed on the above page). A Sanctus bell once hung externally over the nave gable. This bell was preserved in the Church up to the mid 19th. century, but by 1878, it had disappeared.

“On Sunday a bell is rung at 8.00am. For Divine Service the bells are rung in the morning and chimed in the afternoon. A Sermon bell is afterwards rung”.

“The bells are chimed at Funerals if desired. this is rarely the case now”.


All Saints’ Church, Station Rd, Lilbourne. Northamptonshire.

Directions : Dove’s Guide,    ©Google Maps,     ©O.S. Maps.

[ Postal Address :- Rugby. Warks. CV23 0SX ].


This site is maintained by a member of Lilbourne Parochial Church Council acting on behalf of All Saints’ Church, Lilbourne.



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